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How do I take care of the mug/goblet?

The mugs and goblets are completely sealed and do not require additional special care. Wash it by hand with mild soap and warm water. Never use the rough side of a sponge as you may fade the finish.




Are the mugs/goblets coated? 

Yes, they are sealed with an epoxy resin which is FDA approved, safe for any kind of liquids. Wood is a natural insulator; therefore it can hold hot or cold liquids…so basically if you can drink it they can hold it!

Can I put the mug/goblet in the dishwasher or microwave?

You actually could, but I will never recommend it nor warranty the item any more. Let’s use common sense analyzing this part and please don’t take it offensively. It is an expensive item made of wood. The microwave will eventually dry or burn the wood; you will start to see the marks of dry wood and maybe a crack, if not white spots. The dishwasher will produce steam, which is usually used on wood  to expand it and bend it, so it may warp or crack it developing a leak. On most cases it will also leave a white stain on the wood, so the answer is still NO. ABSOLUTELY never ever put your drinking ware in the dishwasher or microwave.

How to pack a pipe?

If the bowl is packed to tightly it will block the air passage and the tobacco will not burn properly. If it is packed to loosely it may create hot spots and you then run the risk of scorching the pipe. 

1: The traditional method for breaking in a new pipe is to only smoke half bowls for the first few smokes. This ensures that you start the cake at the bottom of the bowl and it will work its way up the walls evenly. 

2: Another method is to loosely fill your pipe with small pinches of tobacco, then use your thumb to gently push the tobacco down and condense it to roughly one third of the bowl’s depth. Repeat this until your bowl is full; make sure there aren’t any loose spots.

How to clean a pipe?

The most important thing to do when you’re done smoking, is to blow forcefully into the stem watching your surroundings; you don’t want to blow any residue to your neighbor. This blows any resin that may have built up inside the draft hole back into the bowl. It is also a great way to keep the resin all in the bowl were it is useful. Doing this is an excellent way to build a great cake on the base of your bowl as well.

Secondly is to send a pipe cleaner through the stem and into the bowl. This is also a good time to scrap out your bowl. You can do this by scraping out the bowl with a pipe tool or small pocket knife when you feel the cake is getting to thick and depending on how often you smoke your pipe you may only need to do this once every couple of weeks.

What can I do to ensure a long life of a pipe?

Do not take quick short puffs of the pipe as it increases the heat of the burn

Do not let you pipe get so hot that you can’t comfortably hold it against your cheek. This is a good measure you can use to tell if you are smoking your pipe to hot.

Make sure to clean your pipe after every smoke

You may also want to leave a little tobacco at the bottom of your pipe and not smoke it right down to the bottom of the bowl. This will avoid burning the bottom of your bowl.